Erfahrungen anderer Gäste

Taylor Robinson & Casey Ketterling (San Francisco) in ihren Flitterwochen
What a wonderful place to spend part of our honeymoon! In the time we were here, we paddled out to the bird preserve, chased dolphins, caught blue cod, dove for abalone or paua. We swam across the Allen Straight (Casey in a record 4 minutes) and biked around the island (almost . we came back at the wood shed). Our time here was absolutely fabulous and we hope to come back soon. Thanks to Jan & Peter for the great food and company and to Vladi for having us! Cheers, Taylor and Casey.

Josta Stockmann, Thomas Hasyn (St. Sampson, Guernsey) heirateten auf Forsyth und waren bereits vierten Mal auf der Insel
Thank you Jan and Peter for the most wonderful time again with lovely food, lots of animal spotting and fishing lessons :-D It was to short like the last time and still too many things could not be explored by us. One unforgettable new feature is the 24/7 spa pool with views day and night. You do not want to leave it to miss something. That was a brilliant idea for the spa spot.

Jeffi Sassre (Florida/USA) Hochzeit auf Forsyth
Thank you Jan+Peter, Vladi for everything. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding or wedding location. You made us feel so welcome. Enjoyed the island immensely, especially the long hikes + the fishing. We will be planning our next trip here really soon. Thanx again.

R. Masaur (UK)
What a place to celebrate a 40th birthday! Sidewalks, wonderfully fresh seafood and a great birthday cheesecake. Thank you both very much for your gracious hospitality. One day....!

Josza Stöckmann, Thomas Hasyn (Guernsey)
It was lovely to be back again. We missed the nice island and the brilliant walkways/walks with Tessa a lot as well the warm welcome from Jan and Peter. Kajaking and finding new animals around the island should never stop, but then you realize the time has passed by so quickly and still there is so much to see left. Thank you that we had the possibility again to stay at one of the nicest spots we have ever come across.

Scott Miller (Director of Sales The Viera Company)
Just a quick note to thank you for all your help in arranging our stay at Forsyth Island - Peter and Jan were wonderful hosts and the Lodge was just fantastic. Please thank Mr. Vladi for opening up this unique island to the public.

Family Baeker
Hello to everyone from Forsyth Island! It is beautiful here...the landscape is overwhealming. By the way, I have a new idea for a brochure: a blank piece of paper with the text "it is unable to describe with words or pictures!" The island is not just big, it is gigantic. It took 8 1/2 hours to canoe around completely around it. Jan has helped us prepare all the treats that come out of the ocean.

Fr. Konrad und Hr. Lange
Jan und Peter Hood were such nice people and caretakers on the Island that it was hard to say goodbye. Jan's cooking is fantastic and she made enough for 8 people each night...although we were only 4! Jan and Peter always had time to listen and liked to tell us about New Zealand and the local surroundings as well as about the people there. Their dog, Tessa, was always present and guided us along the island trails, was always ready to fetch a stick for us or to have her belly rubbed. We have filled our photo album and have 5 hours of video and wonderful memories to think back on. We will remember our trip to Forsyth Island for years to come.

Heidi Bassey (Germany)
Hello to Everyone,
We have arrived back at the North Island after spending a wonderful few days on Forsyth Island. Again, thank you for all your efforts in organizing our visit-everything went like clockwork without any problems ... the watertaxi was waiting for us when we arrived. Jan and Peter Hood took good care of us and the food was excellently prepared and the waters around Forsyth delivered to us wonderful seafood! We had good weather and the one day it did rain we had a relaxing day in the first class lodge.

Jürgen Rohmer u. Claudia (Germany)
Our Holiday on Forsyth Island
After a long flight we excitedly exited the plane in Wellington. We then boarded a small propeller airplane which took us in just 20 minutes to Havellock. When we arrived a taxi was waiting for us to take us to the boat. The two hour boat ride through the gorgeous Marlborough Sound waked our senses and gave us a wonderful glimpse into our next week on Forsyth Island. At the island we were greeted by the friendly caretakers (such a warm couple we in a long time not met). As we saw the Lodge we were from its location and comfort flabbergasted! What a gorgeous view from the deck and what luxury! Our next days flew by: hiking over the hills of the island, fishing in the Sound, relaxing on the deck, evening meals prepared by the caretakers . With regret we spent our last night on Forsyth. But the next two weeks we travelled around New Zealand's South Island in a mobile home (arranged by Vladi Private Islands) where we saw unforgettable wonders such as the rain forest and quiet coves, to glaciers and high mountain lakes. We send a big thank you to Webmiles and Vladi Private Islands!