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Forsyth Island

To the island photo galleryEnchanted fern forests and fragrant Manuka tree avenues, impressive cliffs and lonely beaches add to the special charm of Forsyth Island. This island of 700 hectares is a valuable natural monument, even within New Zealand and boasts a lush vegetation. The national bird, kiwi, can be found here and Forsyth is the last place to host a few of the endemic Milkwood trees. After farmers cultivated the fertile ground for sheep farming in the last century, nature has now been allowed to reconquer the island for the last two decades - the government of New Zealand is extremely pleased about this.

Roughly 50 km of walking and hiking trails await your explorations! Neither mosquitoes, dangerous animals nor poisonous plants are to be found on Forsyth Island - instead you can find sheep, cute cashmere goats and three tame lamas. Guests with an interest in botany will be amazed by the lush flora.

Take the boat out for fishing (success is guaranteed in these rich fishing grounds!) or watch the seals and dolphins and be sure to take your time!

Forsyth Island is easy to reach from New Zealand`s capital, Wellington, from Blenheim and Havelock and is the ideal starting point for all sorts of excursions.

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